The robot arrives, then jumps away as it stands in front of Kary and stares at her

Kary-08: Identify yourself. (Bitter)

Robot: What a disappointment you've become, Kareleinne-08 (pronounced o eight, not zero eight). Look at you, a big bundle of aberrant behaviour.

Kary-08: Tch! You sure are a delirant one. You musn't be right in the head if you think you’re leaving in one piece after stepping in like that. (Bitter)

Robot: Of course not, I would be utterly dismayed by your performance if I did. (Neutral)

The robot quickly lunges at her and actually hits her, smashing her against the wall

Xero: He hit her! (Surprised)

Omega: How could it? That robot didn’t destroy her necrotic field, but slid past it. It would have to know her energy's frequency in order to do so… (Intrigued)

Kary-08: It’s official, you have a deathwish... Very well...(Bitter)

-the energy clown is summoned here-

Kary-08: I’ll grant your wish and crush you to pieces! What can you even hope to achieve with your pathetic core? It isn’t even a tenth of mine... (Bitter)

Robot: You toy with your prey too much, Kareleinne-08. I thought I taught you better than that. (Neutral)

Omega: Take this, think of it as an adrenaline shot, it will recover some of our lost energy, it probably will last long enough until the end of this fight.

Kary-08: Kill them. (Neutral)

Kary summons the giant creature (that was supposed to appear in part two.) They then begin fighting, Robot vs Kary. Xero and Omega vs the giant clown.

Xero: Oh, come on! (Surprised/Bitter)

Omega: I thought you were looking forward an epic last boss fight or something like that... (Intrigued)

Xero: Yeah! But that's just overdoing it...What is it, anyway? It looks like...A giant clown? (Bitter)

Omega: It matters not...Destroy it! (Neutral)

Xero: Crud...It looks like our attacks just go through it (Bitter)

Omega: It seems to be comprised entirely of her bioelectrical energy...Move it! (Neutral)

Xero: What!? Where to? (Bitter)

Omega: Somewhere...Anywhere! That thing is impervious to our attacks! But it obviously is consuming her energy resources. (Neutral)

Xero: So, it's just run away until it dissapears? (Bitter)

Omega: Correct. Despite her big talk, she is as exhausted as us, this is a last ditch effort to kill us. It won't last long until it dissipates. (Neutral)

The clown begins assaulting them, as they manage to barely escape it’s attacks.

Xero: I just hope it does before it murders us! (Bitter)

Kary-08: Stop flying around damn it. Someone is trying to kill you over here! (Bitter)

The robot and Kary keep on fighting using a wide variety of explosive,s until Kary pierces it's chest.

Kary-08: Got you! You didn't really think you would destroy me with such little power, did you? (Energetic/Nonchalant)

Robot: Not at all, *I* never intended to destroy you. How could I possibly kill my own child? (neutral)

Kary-08: What? W-who are you? (Intrigued/scared)

Robot: I am, however, going to give *them* a chance to defeat you. One chance, as slim as it may be, to halt your major malfunction. (neutral)

The robot then begins doing some sort of an EMP as Kary holds it

Kary-08: What are you doing!? (Alarmed)

Robot: I'm sorry. (neutral

Kary-08: Whatever you’re planning, it's useless! (Pissed)

Robot: This was my final solution. I'm so sorry. (neutral)

Robot: heh... Omega. Xero. Kary. As brief as it was, it was to nice see you all... one last time. Farewell (Neutral)

Omega: It can't be...it is you? (Intrigued)

Kary then explodes the robot as she looks at them, pissed

Kary-08: …To hell with all of you…(Calm/Bitter)

Xero: Right…The hell was that? (Intrigued)

Omega: One last chance to kill her. (Neutral)

Xero: Uh?

Omega shoots kary as she's forced to block it

Xero: Oh? her shield is gone? (Intrigued)

Omega: Whatever he did, it disabled some of her functions (Neutral)

Xero: Hm...Well isn't that handy? (Eager)

Kary-08: So what? You can’t even hope to defeat me, anyway! (Bitter)

The creature behind Kary tries to smash Xero but misses him, then Xero cuts it's hand and it actually does

Kary-08: What the!? (Surprised. Bitter)

Xero: Oh? so it isn't ethereal anymore? Omega! Aim at the dipshit! (Energetic)

Omega: Copy that! (Energetic)

Kary-08: That EMP...Bastard! (Bitter)

Omega Quickly begins aiming at the giant as it begins taking the hits and Xero joins him up, as it tries to smash them but failing,

Kary soon realizes that it won't last long against them and sends it towards them and explodes it

Xero: She's throwing it at us! (Alarmed)

Omega: Bring it down!!! (Alarmed)

The clown reaches them and explodes.

Omega: Ugh...Are you still alive? (Wounded, bitter)

Xero: Yeah...But our armors are no fucking more... (Wounded, bitter)

Omega: Looks that way, one more blast from her and we will be out of comission, our weapons are still online though. (Wounded, Neutral)

Xero: Heh...And what are the bad news? (Wounded, resigned, humorous)

Kary then materializes a few clones of herself
The clones soon teleport in front of them, 4 for each one and begin attacking them, *insert a cool battle here* they soon end up killing them and then begin attacking Kary herself,
*insert another cool battle here xD* they end up dealing quite some damage to her, Kary then kicks Xero away and lunges at Omega, piercing him in the chest

Omega: Ugh..!!! (Pain)

Xero: Omega!!! (Alarmed)

Kary-08: Finally got you... (Bitter)

Kary-08: I would enjoy breaking each bone of your body before killing you, my love. but I don't feel like playing around anymore...Nothing personal. (Bitter)

Omega: Heh...Just business..? (Humorous/ In pain)

Kary-08: That's right. (Nonchalant.)

Kary then throws Omega away as she looks at Xero and begins walking towards him

Kary-08: Now you're the only one left... The only obstacle standing between me and my imminent freedom. (Bitter)

Xero: You really did it? I’m surprised, I thought you two-.. (Bitter)
作者曰く、ここでゼロが言いかけた続きは "lovers" だという事です

Kary-08: That matters not, not at all. (Bitter)

Kary fires a blast that Xero barely escapes.

Xero: Shit...! (Bitter)

Kary-08: What's the matter? Too afraid to even stand up? (Nonchalant)

Xero: Tch..! If you think I'll go down without a fight...Think again! (Bitter)

As Xero begins fighting Kary, an unconscious Omega begins twitching a bit, Xero keeps fighting her, but it soon becomes apparent that it's a losing fight

Kary-08: Done, already? (Nonchalant)

Xero: *cough* I can't keep going anymore... (Bitter)

Kary-08: I've got to hand it to you, though. For apes, both of you put up quite a fight, but I'm afraid this the end of the line…Any last words? My comrade?(Nonchalant)

Kary-08: None? Very well then... (Nonchalant)

Xero then slashes her in the mouth

Xero: I hope you choke on them! (Pissed)

Kary-08: You bastard...!!! (Pissed)

Before Kary can kill him, a mutated Omega hold her hand and throws her away overpowering her

Kary-08: What!? (Surprised)

Kary-08: Impossible! His heart stopped beating! (Surprised)

Xero: That's not him...What the hell is going on? (Intrigued)

Kary-08: This energy reading...XV!? (Surprised)

Kary-08: Tch! Like I'm going to be defeated by you! (Bitter)

The fight soon starts as she is clearly overpowered as he maims and brutally attacks her, but before the final attack

Kary-08: This must be some kind of sick joke!…to be killed by that thing… (Bitter)

Kary-08: It looks like I won't be having my freedom after all, heh. (Nonchalant)

Kary-08: See you later, Xero. (Nonchalant/ Bitter)

Kary-08}: I'm taking you down with me! (Pissed)

Kary enwraps Omega and explodes, the explosion, however, failing to kill Omega as he stands there, then he looks at a confused Xero and attacks him, sending him back to the ground

Xero: She’s dead, unbelievable... (Surprised)

Xero: *cough* F.....ugh....Bastard broke my ribs!...ugh... (Bitter)

Xero: *Panting lightly* I suppose you didn’t exactly walk away unscathed from your fight with XV… (Bitter)

Omega begins attacking Xero, having a clear advantage over the battered ninja, he suddenly stops his attack with his sword

Xero: Just for how long are you planning on fucking around, Omega!? (Bitter, energetic as he fight)

Xero: So, after killing hundreds of those assholes and now that freedom is at hand, you're going to let yourself to be taken over by that fucker!? (Bitter, energetic as he fights)

Xero: You can't even give a proper fight! (Bitter, energetic as he fights)

Xero: So...fucking pull it together! (Bitter)

Just before finishing Xero off, Omega stops and retreats as he begins to twitch and slam his head against the floor for a few seconds until standing up again, this time calm

Omega: *Panting* Thanks for that...Now, finish me off... (Tired)

Xero: The hell are you talking about? Walk it off, pussy. (Bitter)

Omega: Panting* This thing has already taken over most of my body and mind...I am struggling just not to kill you right now...
So, do it already... After all, you were the one who was going to cut my head off my neck, right? (Panting, humorous, resigned).

Xero: But..! (Bitter)

Omega: No buts! If you don’t kill me right now, we will both be dead...(Panting, serious).

Xero: ...This wasn't supposed to end this way. (Bitter/Resigned)

Omega: Heh.. For what it's worth, I'm sorry for everything...(Tired)

Xero: Tch! Fuck you. (Bitter)

Omega: Ugh..! ...I won't be able to hold it any longer...! Do it! (Pained, bitter)

Xero: See you in hell... (Bitter)

Omega: Heh...We'll all be waiting for you... (Pained, neutral)

Xero: After that night, I disregarded my code name Xero. After giving my teammates a proper burial, I destroyed any proof we ever existed and escaped.
Bolverk was no more, I was free at last...At least that's what I thought that day. (Neutral)

Xero cuts Omega's head, who falls on the floor and begins to consume itself as Xero watches.
The scene slowly fades to a much older Xero sitting in front of a 16-18 girl who looks as lot as him in his younger days

Enid: Master? Is everything all right? (Curious)

Xero: Hm? ...Oh Yeah, I just zoned off for a second *cough* (Neutral)

Enid: So that's how it all ended? (Curious)

Xero: How it all ended? Heh...Young girl, that's how it all began. (Neutral)

Their talk is suddenly interrupted by an explosion as then Xero stands up and walks towards the exit

Xero: Yet, it seems our talk time is over, Enid. (Neutral)

Enid: They finally found us... (Neutral)

The scene shows them on top of a mountain, surrounded by a massive amount of soldiers and stuff at the base of the mountain

Solider: Drop your weapons and surrender! This is your first and final warning! (Energetic)

Xero: Someone has been pulling the strings from behind the entire time, even the Overseer ended up being just a puppet.
It all has been playing right into his hand. Askad's death, Kary's malfunction...Even Omega's infection, yet, I did not play by his cards, and he has been hunting me for decades now... (Bitter)

Solider: Open fire! (Energetic)

Xero: I've been fighting them for my entire life, but I can no longer do it, my body is decaying even now as we speak. XV's virus will finally bring me down.

Enid: You lasted longer than anyone else, master, you must not mourn. (Neutral)

Xero: I don't have time to mourn or be mourned on, this will be my last fight before my demise, I will die here, in the heat of a glorious battle.

Enid: We both will, master. (Neutral)

Xero: No...Not you, Kaylenna. You will live on and destroy this blasphemy he created and called the new order,
I have entrusted you with both Omega's arts of death and my own for that sole purpose. (Neutral)

Enid: I understand, master. (Neutral)

Xero: *Cough* I've waited a long time for this moment... (Neutral)

Enid: Will you be seeing your friends again soon, master? (Curious)

Xero: Friends....Heh, yeah...They must be bored shitless of waiting for me already, but they no longer will have to, as I'll be meeting them tonight... (Slightly happy, neutral)
若干の変更。They must be...からI'll be...の前までが削除されています。

Xero: But in the meantime, let's give those assholes..one hell of a night!!! (Bitter)

Both Xero and Kaylenna put on their armors and jump off the mountain towards the camera, the scene turning into a XM4 scene and then the credits roll.