e-Competition Junior 2008

JULY 5-6, 2008 First Round (24 contestants)
JULY 7, 2008 Second Round, (12 contestants)
JULY 8, 2008 Free Day
JULY 9, 2008 Semi-Final Round, (9 contestants)
JULY 10, 2008 Free Day
JULY 11, 2008 Finals (5 contestants), Award Ceremony and Gala Concert

1st Place – 8,000

First Round (up to 25 minutes)
1. Bach: One Prelude and Fugue from WTCI or II, or one Sinfonia, or a Preludio from any of the 6 English Suites
2. First movement of a classical Sonata (Beethoven, Clementi, Haydn or Mozart). Sonata from the Application CD and/or the Virtual Auditions can be used.
3. One Virtuoso Etude by one of the following composers: Bartok, Chopin, Ligeti, Liszt, Moszkowski, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin or Stravinsky. Etude from the Application CD and/or Virtual Auditions can be used.
4. A work(s) of contestant's choice.

Second Round (up to 30 minutes)
1. One impromptu by Schubert from Op. 90 or 142 OR one Moment Musical
2. A work of a composer born after 1880
3. The rest of the program is selected by contestant.

Semi-Finals (up to 40 minutes)
1. Beethoven Variations WoO 80 C Minor OR Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Variations Serieuses Op. 54.
2. The rest of the program selected by the contestant.
The Semi-Final Round must represent at least two different styles.

First movement of one of the following Concerti:

Bartok No. 3
Beethoven Nos. 1 through 5
Chopin No.1 or No.2
Grieg A Minor
Mozart (excluding KV 37, KV 39, KV 40, KV 41, KV 413, KV 414, KV 449)
Prokofiev No. 2 or No. 3
Rachmaninoff Nos. 1 through 4
Ravel G Major
Saint-Saens No. 2
Schumann A Minor
Shostakovitch No. 2
Tchaikovsky No. 1 or No. 2

The concerto must be the same one as on the application recording.

2009 e-Competition
JUNE 29, 2009 Drawing Lots
JUNE 30-JULY 4, 2009 Recital Round (24 contestants)
JULY 5, 2009 Schubert Sonata Round (9 contestants)
JULY 7, 2009 Finals: Piano Quintets (6 contestants)
JULY 9-10, 2009 Finals: Concerti with Minnesota Orchestra
JULY 10, 2009 Awards Ceremony and Gala Concert

Recital Round (65-75 minutes of music):
Each contestant will choose his ore her own program.
If the contestant's program falls below 65 minutes of music
requirement, that contestant will be disqualified from the
competition. If the contestant's program is longer than
75 minutes of music, that contestant will be stopped at
the end of 75 allowed minutes. The classical sonata and
etude from the application CD are not allowed. The imagination
and judgment used in the selection of the recital program will
be considered in the Jury's overall evaluation.

Schubert Sonata Round:
Contestants must choose one of the following Schubert Sonatas:
C Major D840
A Minor D845
D Major, D850
G Major, D894
C Minor, D958
A Major, D959
B-flat Major, D960

Finals, Part 1: Quintet
Contestants must choose one of the following three Piano Quintets:
Brahms F Minor, Op. 34
Dvorak A Major, Op. 81
Schumann E-flat Major, Op. 44

Finals, Part 2: Concerto
Contestants must choose any piano concerto from standard repertoire.
More unusual works have to be approved by the Artistic Director
and the Minnesota Orchestra.