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One of the most pleasant effects of eating chocolate is the "good feeling" that many people experience after indulging.

/indulging: ふける、従事{じゅうじ}する、耽溺{たんでき}する、深酒{ふかざけ}する
Paul tried not to indulge in his bad habits at his girlfriend's house. : ポールは、ガールフレンドの家では悪い癖にふけらないよう努めた。/

Caffeine is the most well known of these chemical ingredients, and while it's present in chocolate, it can only be found in small quantities. /Theobromine/, a weak /stimulant/, is also present, in slightly higher amounts. The combination of these two chemicals (and possibly others) may provide the "lift" that chocolate eaters experience.

/stimulant 興奮剤}、興奮誘発剤}
・Green tea is a mild stimulant. : 緑茶は弱い興奮性飲料である。/

Dark chocolate, with its high cocoa content, is a rich source of the /flavonoids/, which are thought to possess /cardioprotective/ properties. Cocoa possesses a significant /antioxidant/ action.

/cardioprotective 心臓保護の cardio-: 心臓の/
/antioxidant 抗酸化物質{こう さんか ぶっしつ}、酸化[老化]防止剤◆食材の腐敗防止に使われる。癌・心臓病に有効。
・Fruits and vegetables abound in antioxidants. : 果物と野菜は酸化防止剤が豊富である[に含まれる]。/
/active oxygen●free radical〔高エネルギー状態になった活性分子。電磁波照射などで生成したフリーラジカルはプラズマ化学、半導体薄膜形成に重要。また食品などの酸化防止剤(ビタミン A、C、E)もフリーラジカルを除去する。新陳代謝、ストレス、老化、喫煙でも生成される。正常 DNA を損傷し、癌、老人性失明、心疾患を起す。〕●radical oxygen/

There has even been a /fad/ diet, named "Chocolate diet", that emphasizes eating chocolate and cocoa powder in /capsules/. However, consuming milk chocolate or white chocolate, or drinking fat-containing milk with dark chocolate, appears largely to /negate/ the health benefit.

/一時的流行{いちじ てき りゅうこう}、~熱、流行{りゅうこう}のもの
・Wearing platform shoes was a fad among young girls. : 厚底の靴を履くのが若い女性の間で流行していた。
・The fad had passed. : ブームは過ぎ去った。/
/capsule: カプセル/
/negate: ~を打ち消す、無効{むこう}にする
・Overpowered special effects negate some of arresting set designs. : 圧倒的な特撮がいくつかの人目を引く舞台装置を無効にしてしまっている。/


Research indicates that chocolate may be effective at preventing persistent coughing. The chocolate also appears to soothe and moisten the throat.

/cough: ko'(:)f/

South American and European cultures have used cocoa to treat diarrhea for hundreds of years.

・Obesity, a growing epidemic in mature societies, is an excess of body fat that often results in significant impairment of health. 肥満は、先進国にまん延しつつある一種の疫病で、往々にして顕著な健康障害をもたらす体脂肪の過剰な蓄積である。