unknown@wiki Envoys to 6-party talks awaits N.Korea's response


The six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program entered their 5th day in Beijing on Monday.

Delegates are waiting for a compromise from
North Korea on its demands for massive energy aid.

On Sunday, the talks hit a snag as
North Korea made what the other nations see as excessive demands in return for the North taking initial steps to abandon its nuclear programs.
hit a snag 思わぬ困難にぶつかる

In US-North Korean bilateral talks held on Sunday night, US officials asked
North Korea to consider an alternative proposal by the 5 nations on incentives for North Korea.

The North Korean side said they would consult with the
Pyongyang government and come back with a response on Monday.

Japan's chief delegate, Kenichiro Sasae, said just before Monday's session that it would probably be the last day for this round of talks. He said whether an agreement could be reached all hinged upon North Korea's final response.

round of talks 会談
hinged ちょうつがいで連結された

US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said the 5 nations have put everything on the table. He urged
North Korea to stop bargaining and make a decision.