unknown@wiki ESL Podcast 214 – A Jealous Girlfriend


Sarya: Hey Dom, I haven’t seen you in so long. Where have you been?

Dominick: Oh, I’ve been busy.

Sarya: I’ve missed hanging out together. How’s Leslie?

Dominick: She’s okay, but things haven’t been that great between us.

Sarya: I’m really sorry to hear that. What’s up?

Dominick: Leslie is great, but she’s so jealous of my friends, especially my female friends. She doesn’t like it when I see them or even if I talk to them on the phone. To be honest, that’s why I haven’t called you lately.

Sarya: I got the feeling that you’ve been avoiding me. Now I understand that it’s the green-eyed monster at work. Have you been doing anything to make her jealous?
green-eyed monster 嫉妬

Dominick: No! I go out with my friends sometimes but I’m always
up front with Leslie and tell her what I’m doing. But, she’s so possessive. Even when I go out with my guy friends, she flips out sometimes. I don’t know why she won’t trust me.
up front 直接的な、率直な、正直な、ざっくばらんな
I want you to be up-front with me. 私に対して正直になってほしい

Flip out : かっとなる

Sarya: Maybe she’s just insecure about herself, or maybe she feels insecure about your relationship. But either way, I’d
stop this in its tracks before it gets any worse. Have you talked to her about it?
stop this in its tracks 大事になる前に止める
Dominick: Not really. We usually
get into a big fight and then we make up, but we don’t ever get at the root of the matter.
root of the matter 事物の根底

Sarya: I wish I could help.
Dominick: You already have.
Talking about it helps. Whatever it takes, I’m going to get this under control. Other than this jealousy problem, we have a great relationship. I don’t want anything to jeopardize it.
Whatever it takes なんとしても

Jeopardize 危うくする
Sarya: Good luck with everything and let me know if I there’s anything I can do.
Dominick: Thanks. I will.