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partly because :理由の一つには

but I've just studying English -> but I just began studying English

I'm the one sitting to the right of the girl (or woman).

This is Moriya We have an 10 years anniversary of Shibata lab. next month. We all memers are suppopsed to write congratulation messages to Prof. Shibata. Each member has to write a message with 50 - 100 letters in Japanese or 100- 200 letters (NOT 200 words) in English. These messages will be put on a photo album for Prof. Shibata. Please make sure to send a message to this Email Address by TODAY.

Dear Lab Members, This is Moriya. Professor Shibata's 10th year anniversary of lab is next month. All members are supposed to write a congratulatory message to him, 50-100 characters in Japanese or 100-200 letters (not words) in English. All of our messages will be put into a photo album for Professor Shibata. Please make sure to send your message to this email address by TODAY.

I haven't written anything since I decided to keep a diary every day.

I haven't written anything even though I decided to keep a daily diary.

I'm so lazy and kind of perfectionist.

I'm kind of a lazy perfectionist.

I am always disappointed when I look back my essays...

I am always disappointed whenever I look back at my essays...

I want to write more meaningful things but my English ability is not enough to express my thoughts.


It keeps me away from writing a diary.

It keeps me from writing diaries/diary entries.

Anyway, I'm going to write reviews of books and my reaction of the world news.

Anyway, I'm going to write book reviews and my reactions to world news.

It is easier to write something every day.

perfect but... context is a bit confusing.

Let me write a review of a book this time.


I have finished reading a book, which is called "Sony (it is written in Katakana) and Sony".

I have finished reading a book called "Sony ...."

Sony had been among the most prestige company in Japan and also had established a reputation as one of the greatest companies in the world.

Sony had been among the most prestigious companies in Japan and had also established a reputation as .... ..... ....

However, Sony products are sold at lower price than Panasonic or Sharp products in Japan these days.

These days, however, Sony products are being sold at a lower price than both Panasonic and Sharp products.

Samsung has overcome Sony in global brand value.

Even Samsung has overcome Sony in global brand value.

What happened with Sony?

What happened to Sony?

This book tells you about Sony after Idei became CEO and until he quit CEO.

This book tells you about Sony since Mr. Idei became the CEO until his departure.

BusinessWeek magazine nominated him as one of the "Worst Managers of 2005" due to the losses at Sony during his tenure.

good, i think. sounds good to me at least, haha.

He is not from engineering field and his action looked like a consultant.

He was not from the engineering field and his actions made him look more like a consultant.

Kutaragi, who is the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said, "The unique technique doesn't come from consensus"

Mr. Kutaragi, the current CEO of ... ... ...

These words are criticism for Idei by implication.

These words imply criticism upon Mr. Idei.

Sony's identity is originality and audaciousness.

good, i think.

However this important aspect has lost during 10 years.

However, these important aspects have been lost during the last 10 years.

Will Sony regain its lost brand supremacy?

Can Sony .... .... ... (I think Can is a better word choice because you're talking about a possibility)