unknown@wiki ESL Podcast 237 – Getting Revenge


Jaime: I don’t know what’s wrong with Liam lately. The guy is short-tempered and jumps down my throat about every little thing.
Don't jump down my throat. 〈俗〉食ってかかるなよ。/けんか腰になるなよ。

Debra: [laughs]
Jaime: What’s so funny?

Debra: I have a feeling that he’s not getting enough sleep.

Jaime: You don’t mean you and Liam...

Debra: No way! It’s just that the women in this office are paying him back for the way he’s treated them, two-timing them and
leading them on.
Are you two-timing? 二股かけてるの?

lead on ~をだます
Jaime: Are you serious?

Debra: Yeah, there are quite a few women with
an axe to grind and wouldn’t mind getting even with him. You’re not going to tell him, are you?
I have an axe to grind with you. 痛い目に遭わせてやる revenge

get even with 〈話〉~に仕返しをする
Jaime: No, I won’t, but what are you doing exactly?

Debra: We’re all taking turns keeping him up at night by calling his home phone and his cell phone, and we’re also ordering food to be delivered at all hours of the night. It’s
no wonder he’s feeling a little grouchy.
no wonder 驚くに値しない、当然だ

grouchy 【形】 機嫌の悪い

Jaime: That explains it. It’s no skin off my nose, but isn’t that going overboard?
no skin off someone's ass 《be ~》〈俗・卑〉(人)には関係のないことだ

going overboard :やりすぎる

Not in the least. If you knew some of the rotten things he’s done, you’d know that it’s no more than he deserves.
Not in the least
 :absolutely not.

Rotten: horrible
Jaime: If you say so.
It’s certainly a good reminder that, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 恋人に捨てられた女ほど恐ろしいものは