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In a landmark ruling, a gay pub in Australia has won the right to ban heterosexuals. The owner of Melbourne’s Peel Hotel, Tom McFeely, said he fought for the right for his regular gay male customers to enjoy a quiet drink away from straight people and lesbians. He said his gay patrons needed to be able to freely express their sexuality. McFeely’s victory came after the Equal Opportunity Commission accepted his argument that there weren’t enough venues where homosexuals could feel safe and be free from harassment. McFeely said his pub used to welcome anyone. However, his gay clientele complained that they often felt like they were drinking in a zoo and that they were the main attraction.

landmark ruling: 画期的判決
heterosexual: 異性愛者
fight for: のために戦う
venue for free speech 自由の言論の場
clientele: 常連の
I think that he is a hypocrite.
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open with
not to be near gay
in terms of sexuality
go into naked
they are still operated
taking advantages

1. Have you ever been to a gay bar?
yeah. Ive been to a gay bar in San Francisco.

2. Why do you think some people who hate gays and lesbians?
Because some people think gays and lesbians are against the natural order

3. Do you ever stare at people because they are different?
No. But if i see different people, Ill try not to stare at them.
Its also discrimination cause im conscious that they are different.

4. Do you think Australia is a fair and equal society?
Immigrant nations have diverisity so they try to be fair and equal more than not immigrant contries.

5. Is your country a fair one for homosexuals to live in?
I do not think so.
Ive ever seen homosexuals in TV but ive never seen any homosexuals among my acquaintance