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Coke Isn’t It

Sales of the world’s largest soft drink manufacturer, Coca Cola, have hit a slump. Although the beverage giant has been industry leader for generations, profit figures and sales forecasts announced yesterday were lower than expected. Coke’s shares suddenly seem to have lost their fizz. The future too doesn’t look so bubbly either, with demand expected to decrease for its 400 products in many of the 200 countries in which Coke operates. It seems the future is not carbonated.

CEO, Neville Isdell, gave several reasons why the economic forecasts had gone flat. One is the increased competition from its main rival in the soda market, Pepsi, the world’s second largest beverage maker. Pepsi’s water, Aquafina, and its sports energy drink, Gatorade, are market leaders in the US. Other factors for the slide include not focusing on health-conscious consumers who prefer mineral water or fruit juice to fizzy drinks, and an increase in new products from other companies. Isdell plans to spend $350m to $400m pushing its main products � Coke, Fanta, Dr. Pepper and Sprite.

1. SPECULATE: Students speculate what the headline, ‘Coke Isn’t It’ means. In pairs they have to come up with three possibilities. Change partners and swap your ideas, choosing the most likely.
Coke was supposed to be the top beverage company and make a big benefit.
but its decreasing.
Coke is carbonated and

2. PRE-TELL THE ARTICLE: Students piece together the contents of the article from the following snippets of information:

worldwide sales … hit a slump … industry leader for generations … shares … lost fizz … decreased demand … main rival … Pepsi … health conscious … new products.

3. Discussion Questions: Study each sentences carefully

-Talk about Coke, soft drinks, mineral water,Coke, Pepsi, Virgin, others.
-Experiences about Coke and to what degree it has played a part in their lives.

fizz: 炭酸入りアルコール飲料
bubbly: 生き生きとした
go flat: 炭酸が抜ける
snippets: > 〔情報・ニュースなどの〕断片、抜粋
1時間後に授業がある in or later?
rash 発疹
in beverage industry
be over to
marcket share
00:37:47 [Yolly] to [All]: it causes acidity too
00:38:23 [Yolly] to [All]: fructose
00:38:27 [Yolly] to [All]: sucrose
【名】 見て見ぬふりをすること
【名-1】 〔弁明や口実などの〕申し立て、主張{しゅちょう}
【名-2】 〔不正行為について十分な証拠のない〕申し立て、断言{だんげん}