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The world’s major stock markets recorded large losses yesterday because of fears about the U.S. economy. Many American home-owners are having problems repaying their housing loans, and this is making investors worry that the US economy is slowing down. There was a large sell-off of shares on Wall Street, which saw its second-biggest drop in four years. This sent waves of panic around Asian and European markets, where share prices also fell sharply. Stocks in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea dropped by more than two percent. Other Asian countries experienced bigger losses. Values in India, Singapore and the Philippines tumbled by over three percent. Europe did not escape. London’s FTSE index and France’s CAC 40 both lost 1.7 percent, while Germany’s DAX was 1.8 per cent lower.

sell-off 株の売却
tumble: 暴落する

The poor performances follow bad times in Indian and Chinese trading last month, when both markets suffered heavy falls. However, analysts say that Asia's economies remain strong. They believe the recent declines in stock prices were simply corrections to cool markets that were becoming too hot. David Cohen, chief economist of the Action Economics consultancy in Singapore, said the current mini-crisis is only because of nervousness among investors. Many people are worried that the recent stock boom is over. They fear that the record prices of last year might now be at their peak and share prices would continue to tumble. Mr. Cohen thinks not. He predicts the markets will rebound and the world economy will continue to grow.

bad times: 不況
consultancy: コンサルタント会社

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