unknown@wiki 【EC】 Hardware


How often do you go to the hardware store?
//almost never.
i'm clumsy
//wood working 木材加工、木工作業

have you done anything yourself?
What do you usually buy?

Did you ever get any carpenter for your house repair?
//carpentry 【名】 大工仕事、木工品

//very now house

Useful Idioms and Expressions

1. elbow grease
--"Put elbow grease into that."
//vigorous work
// You can't expect success without a great deal of elbow grease. ハードワークをこなさずに成功を期待することはできない。
//put elbow grease into 一生懸命する
//screw driver ねじ回し
//coffin nail

2. drive/hammer something home - explain something very clearly by repeating several times.
//drive home an important point 重要な問題を提起する
//drive home the point that: that以下を痛感させる
//hammer home 力説する、~を銘記させる
//hammer home the case for preemptive action against the country

3. a bed of nails -
-He resigned last week, describing the post as a bed of nails.
//My last work environment was a bed of nails.
//lie on a bed of nails
//on a bed of nails
《be ~》困難{こんなん}な[つらい]境遇{きょうぐう}[立場{たちば}]にある
bed of roses 《a ~》安楽{あんらく}な境遇{きょうぐう}
・ You can't expect marriage to always be a bed of roses. 結婚すれば、いつも安楽な暮らしができるとは限らない。

4. screw up - make a serious mistake
//I really screwed up this new project with my late work. この新しいプロジェクトは私の仕事が遅れたせいで失敗してしまった
//screw up an exam
//You screwed up our schedule. 私たちの計画をめちゃめちゃにした。

5. screw loose - crazy

//He has a screw loose. 彼は頭がおかしい。
//Do you have a screw loose? 〈俗〉気でも狂った[違った]のか?/どうかしちゃったのか?

6. bite nails (finger nails)