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BNE: Is English the world’s Lingua Franca? A report from the British Council announced yesterday estimated that by 2015 two billion people will start learning English around the world, and three billion people � half the planet � will be speaking it. However, report editor, David Graddoll, said that English will not become the Esperanto and dominate global language learning as Arabic, Chinese and Spanish are set to rise in importance. He said the trend is towards “linguistic globalization” and multi-lingualism, not bilingualism, and definitely not monolingualism. French, on the other hand, once considered a lingua franca, will see its status as a world language continue to slide.

Although English will escalate in popularity, English language teachers will likely be out of a job by 2050, when so many people will be able to speak English, that teaching it will become almost redundant. Demand for English teaching will drop by a whopping 75%, from two billion to 500 million. Instead English will be taught worldwide at elementary level, and many universities across the world will choose to teach in English.

//whopping とてつもなく大きく
//Linguistic determinism is the idea that language shapes thought

1. Are you happy about English being a lingua franca?
No, Im not happy. I know we need a global language and English is becoming a global language.
But i dont wanna be a slave of white An·glo-Sax·on.

2. Are you happy with your level of English?
No, Im not!

3. Should English be made the official world language by the United Nations?

4. If you were to become poly-lingual, which other languages would you like to learn?
Korean or Chinese.


5. Is the spread of English a positive or a dangerous thing?
Both. but i think more dangerous.

6. Should subjects be taught in English in elementary schools (in addition to the native language)?

7. What do you think of lazy British (and American, Australian…) people who don’t bother learning other languages?
It cant no be helped. English is the strong language.


・ Why should I bother doing that? なぜ私がわざわざそんなことをしなければいけないの。/私がわざわざそんな面倒なこと、するわけないでしょう。


//Teacher: "Which Enlish do you wanna learn, British or American?"
//I don't care which one I learn