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What women look for in a partner

a record of achievement
leadership qualities
job skills
earning potential
a sense of humor

What men look for in a partner

physical attractiveness
warmth and affection
social skills
homemaking ability
fashion sense

Talk about these:

What do you think are the five most important things to look for in a partner?

Which of the five important aspects of a relationship are most important to you?

//Beauty is but one layer. ; Beauty is but [only] skin deep

Do people in your country or culture date? How else do people meet their partners?
i meet my girlfriend twice a month

Rate 5 important aspects of a relationship. Which is Very Important, Important,Not so Important, Maybe Important or Unimportant?

1. Friendship
2. Passion
3. Selflessness
4. Practicality
5. Playfulness

1.spirit of independence
2.philirosophy for her life
3.the pride as a woman
4.to make efforts every time
5.positive attitude

most important to you

in terms of intelligence, making a money
men mature late
late bloomer
//physically speaking
//parental consent :親の同意
//commodity 商品
//stake: 利益
 sense to see situations