unknown@wiki 【EC】English words from Japanese


Match the following words with its meaning given at the bottom of the page:

Tsunami - literally "wave in port"; Large wave caused by earthquakes among other things. Incorrectly associated with tidal waves (it has nothing to do with tides)

Rickshaw - a human-pulled wagon
// wawheeled vehicle for carrying loads

Geisha - traditional Japanese artist-entertainers

Salaryman -a Japanese term for a white-collar worker

Soy - from shoyu means Japanese sauce

Ninja - stealthy warrior and assassin, lit. "shinobi practitioner" or people who practice ninjutsu (sometimes transliterated as ninjitsu ÈÌÐg)
//stealthy: trying to avoid being noticed: done quietly, slowly, and cautiously in order to escape notice


Anime - Japanese animation; refers to animation in general in Japanese

Tycoon -"great prince" or "high commander", later applied to wealthy business leaders


Dogs bark
Many fish come from goldfish scooping stalls at festivals.
corresponding meaning