unknown@wiki 【ECI】Etiquette on woking place


There's a new workplace etiquette for the new millennium, and, no surprise, it's all about transparency and authenticity.
//etiqutte: rules of acceptable behavior
//autenticty: genuineness: the genuineness or truth of something
transparency: : transparency-state of being open
00:12:26 [Lai] to [All]: authenticity-genuine, honest
establish relationship
can be appiled all time
get cliant
hide something
//exit interview


1. Forget the exit interview.

When you get a new job, your old boss is part of your new network. Make sure that parting ways goes as smoothly as possible so that you can shepherd this person into your network of supporters.

2. Don't ask for time off, just take it.

When you need to leave work you don't need to ask for permission, just make sure your work is in good order and send an email to the relevant people letting them know you'll be gone.
//time off-vacation
//aside from schedule

3. Keep your headphones on at work.

If you use social media tools, you're probably good at connecting with people and navigating office politics -- good enough that spending all day at work with headphones on won't hinder you.
?? social media tool???
//hinder: to delay or prevent the development or progress of somebody or something

4. Do reconnaissance on your probable boss.

Find out all the dirt you can about your future employer, because the best gauge of how a company will treat you is how it treated other employees.
//reconnaissance: ri-'kä-n&-z&n(t)s, military exploration to gather information: the exploration or examination of an area to gather information, especially about the strength and positioning of enemy forces
//gauge: measuring device

5. Don't try to improve a coworker.

Companies know that getting rid of difficult employees isn't worth the cost and headache, too. So if the difficult co-worker isn't moving and the company isn't moving, you need to get moving with your job hunt.
//cost of opperation

6. Call people on the weekend for work.

The best way to get a life is to stop being so rigid about the distinction between time for work and time for life.
//rigid:  inflexible

7. Be nice like your job depends on it.

The old days of office politics as a means of backstabbing are dead -- young people are bringing their team-player, I'm-competing-against-my-best-self mentality from their self-esteem-centric homes into the workplace.

//bacstab: betray somebody
//cooperative with each other