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The Story

Once a soldier asked his commanding officer for a day's leave to attend his sister's wedding. The officer asked him to wait outside the door for a few minutes while he considered the request.

The officer then called the soldier back in and said, "You are a liar. I've just phoned your sister and she told me she's already married."

"Well, sir, you're an even bigger liar," the soldier replied, "because I don't even have a sister."

Vocabulary Practice
Mark the best choice.

'Leave' here means ......
going out from a place
one part of a tree
/permission to be absent from work
asking a person for some money

To 'attend' here means to ...
take care of
pay for
/be present at
look at

Questions for Discussion

Why did the soldier tell the officer a lie?
Because the soldier thought the officer would not permit his leave if he said a true reason.

Why did the officer tell the soldier a lie?

Can you remember telling such lies?



Now you tell your friend(s) the story in your own words:

Pronounce the following words several times:

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