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Jin Lee has studied English for a long time. Read the story and find out: How does he feel about learning English?

I am a fourth-year student at a good university in Korea. I will graduate in four months and take a job with a company in a small town near Seoul. I have spent almost 10 years learning English. And let me tell you, it has been a waste of time.

To begin with, I will probably never use English in my work. My job will be with a taxi company. Everyone speaks Korean. The owner of the company is Korean and all of the employees are Korean, too.

I don't need English in my free time, either. If I want to read about what is happening in foreign countries, I can read Korean newspapers and magazines. I can learn all about other countries by reading in my native language, not English.

And of course all the television stations carry international stories, so I don't have to watch the news in English in order to understand what is happening all over the world.

I think of the many hours, days, weeks, even years that I spent in school and at home studying English. I could have studied more history, so that I could understand my country better. Or I could have read more literature, to help me understand the great writers of my country.

Instead, I spent so much time studying English. And for what reason? So I could pass examination? What a terrible waste of time. I really can't understand why people need to study English for so many years.

It's fine that only people who want to learn english study english.
Not all people have to study English.


contradictory answer

She is looking at what other students are doing. All other students are raising their hands but she is not. She looks nervous.