unknown@wiki ESL Podcast 240 – Working Overtime


Jeremy: Hello.

Miranda: Hi, it’s me. I can’t make it home fordinner tonight. I’m working overtime.

Jeremy: Again? That’s the third time this week. Ican’t believe your boss is making you do this.

Miranda: Don’t get mad, but I actually told him that Ididn’t mind. I knowI’ve been working long hours, but I don’t want to turn down the work. You know that I’mgetting paid time and a half, and we need the money.

Jeremy: I know we do, but we’re getting by.What happened to a 40-hourworkweek? You’ve been working at least 60. It’s not worth it for youto work your fingers to the bone no matter how strapped we are.

What happenedto ~はどうしたのだ。
strapped 無一文の

Miranda: I know. I know. It’s just that moralearound this place is pretty low and I’m just trying to do my part. Justdon’t gripe. Okay?

Do my part自分の役割をこなす

Gripe 不満を言う
Jeremy: I’m not griping. I’m just worried about you.You come home after a long day, and you’re overworked andemotionally drained. That’s not fair to the kids.

Miranda: You’re right, but could we talk about it thisweekend? I’ve really got to go. I promise we’ll work it all outthen.
work it allout

Jeremy: Okay, but what time are you coming hometonight?

Miranda: I’m not sure, but I’ll try to make it homein time to tuck the kids in.
tuck the childrenin: 寝かす。

Jeremy: All right. I’ll see you then.
Miranda: Bye.