unknown@wiki 【EC】how to applozy


Brisk introduction
Audience’s participation
You should know something in and out
get the past: get to do immediately
connection problem
I’m sorry about that.
I think we must have cut off.
Wrongdoing :悪行
Now where are we?

If you want to catch an attention.
Waiter is not our servant
I'm sorry about that i can understand we will go out another time.
15 all night party take a bottle of whisky
How old do you think you are
You are just 14
think about going out/ her plan
Where do you think you are going?
you can think again

Excuse me please, thank you im gettin off at next stop im sorry ive got a big suitcase.

Vegetarian, stakes
You have to admit
Oh no of course u r vegetarian im sorry.
how awful i am. huge (ユージ hの音は弱い)
Dont worry a lot of thing you can eat

Excuse me, when i got home i realized it was wrong size. can i change it?

Have u got some questions?