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refer to the following memo


From: dhallier@interoffice.com
To: tbolws@interoffice.com, ------------

Received: 11/3/2001
Re: Office renovations November 12, 2001

Dear Colleagues,

In light of the upcoming renovations scheduled to take place on the 11th floor of the building. I would like to make the following recommendations for your convenience and safety.

1.All offices numbered 1101-1173 (excluding the conference room) will be unavailable for use on November 12th and 13th. As these rooms will be re-painted. It is recommended that all personal belongings and office stationery be removed at least one day prior to the renovation. Your computers will remain in the office but you will have access to all of your files via the intranet.

2.Two vacant offices on the 10th floor, as well as the conference room will be open for use during the renovation. We will also use the 10th floor lounge as a makeshift printing room.

3.Until further notice, the Tech Room will be off limits as of November 10th. Please try to take care of any pressing business you have that requires Tech Room facilities before this time.

4.Please refrain from using the restrooms on the 11th floor. They will remain open but should only be used as a last resort.

5.Should you notice anything that looks unsafe during the course of the renovations, be sure to notify your department manager as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation


Dale Hallier
Assistant Director, Human Resources

off limits: 立ち入り禁止
as a last resort :最後の手段として
in light of:を考慮して
makeshift 【名】 一時しのぎのもの
2scanning to find specific information
3guessing guess

twelveth of november
terminology 専門用語
until further notice
as of = from