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easygoing: relaxed, informal, and tolerant
independent: not subject to control by others
modest: humble, shy
moody: unpredictably grumpy or gloomy: tending to change mood unpredictably from cheerful to bad-tempered
opinionated: unwilling to change strongly held opinions
sociable: friendly
stingy: ungenerous
unreliable: not trustworthy: not able to be relied on or trusted

i can consider myself
emotionally dependent

concentrationg on what i
pdoductive informative


What is the ideal parent, friend, or partner?]

my ideal parents are reliable, not demanding and respect my idea.
My ideal freinds are easygoing and give me inspiration or stimulation to develop eath others.
My ideal partener is reliable, socialble and not possessive.

I couldn't make myself understood in English

has the same habit or interests
Concentrate on what you are doing right now!(今、まさにしていることに、集中しなさい!)


I like it.....
I dont mind ....
I cant stand....
It bothers me .....
It upsets me....

A. How do you feel about these situations?

1. ...........when people are direct.
2. ..........when a person corrects my English.
3. ........when a friend treats me to dinner.
4. .......when people chew gums while they're talking.
5. ......when people start arguments.