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In modern societies, cars have become indispensable for most people. They are needed for commuting to work, for shopping and for leisure purposes. However, this widespread use also poses many traffic-related problems.
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 low emission vehcle
For example, since the roads are congested most of the day, the meaning of "rush hour" is fast disappearing. A lot of drivers complain that the police are more interested in "collecting money" from law-breaking commuters than in facilitating the traffic flow.
//facilitate: simplify process: to make something easy or easier to do

Worldwide, the automobile is probably the number-one contributor to air pollution, and policies designed to protect the environment are expensive.

Express Yourself

1. If you were late for an appointment, would you violate the traffic rules?
I would overspeed but i woundnt ignore a traffic light.

2. If you were stopped by a police officer fo a traffic violation, what would you do?
I would explain the reason why i violated the traffic law and ask him to allow me.
3. Have you ever tried to bribe a police officer?

Yes, i have in cambodia.
4. If you knew you were only going to some place for 10 minutes, would you pay for half an hour of parking or just park illegally?

5. When do you take the subway?

6. When do you take a taxi?

7. When do you take a bus?