unknown@wiki 【EC】Colors


Activity 1

Which of the following are not colors?

Red, blue, green, azure, yellow, white, pink, brown, puce, rainbow, black, turquoise, navy, khaki, orange, stripe, purple, violet, indigo, scarlet, magenta, gray,

/azure: deep blue: deep blue, like the color of a clear sky ( literary )
/puse: purplish-red: of a brilliant purplish red color
/turquoise: greenish blue color: a bright greenish blue color
/navy: dark blue: a dark blue color
/khaki: brownish yellow: a dull brownish yellow color
/violet: purplish blue color: a deep purplish blue color
/indigo: deep purplish blue color: a deep purplish blue color that lies between blue and violet on the visible spectrum
/scarlet: bright red color: a bright orange-tinged red color
/magenta: purplish pink: a brilliant purplish pink color that is one of the three subtractive colors

Activity 2

Match the words on the left with the words on the right below to make common color phrases and use them to complete the sentences.
noble descent: the quality of being royal or aristocratic by birth
 go beyond 21
/1. If you had a lot of money would you prefer to invest in a _blue-chip_company_________ or take more of a risk?

/2. Are there any __blue blood_____ in your country? Do you think it is important to have aristocratic and royal families these days?

/3. Is there a __black market_______ in your country? What illegal things are bought and sold on it?

/4. Have you ever played _blackjack_______? Would you like to?

/5. Have you ever told anyone a _white lie_______ or do you always tell the truth even if you know it will upset someone?

/6. Is there a lot of read tape______ in your country or is there very little bureaucracy?

/7. Would you like to have a _green card__________ and live and work in the US?

8. Do you have __green finger________ or do plants tend to suffer under your care?

after rain over and sun will come back
rainbow is formed
water falls
in the ocean
black is not a color scitinfically.

in the red in debt, e.g. to a bank

in the black
left-wing: socialist or communist
black sheep

Rainbows are optical and meteorological phenomena that cause a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere.